DSB moves to Webflow

by: Braidyn Browning

Earlier this year, Business Catalyst released an “End of life” statement to all of it’s users. This caused a little panic for some as the software has been a long time staple for small businesses, marketers and entrepreneurs alike. Users worried about finding a new Content Management Syst ..

Digital Marketers: More than just Facebook nerds

by: Braidyn Browning

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve attempted to explain my profession to people with little to no success. The reaction is generally the same “You’re so lucky to get to piddle around on Facebook all day”. And though it is much more than that, it is often easier to reply that I am lucky.  ..

Announcing tuffboxcontainers.com

by: Braidyn Browning

DSB Creative has launched yet another website! Introducing Tuff Box Containers, a company which serves as a one-stop-shop solution for storage, construction, retail, and portable office needs. The company offers new and used shipping containers for rent, rent to own and purchase.  ..

The power of color in branding

by: Braidyn Browning

One of the most important things to keep in mind when building a brand is color. Whether it is in your logo or splashed across your website, color speaks volumes to consumers and it determines the feelings they have toward your brand. Blue for example is one of the most commonly used ..

Wordpress: What is it and Should You Use it?

by: Daniel Blaho

First I'd like to say, I will not even scratch the surface of Wordpress. If you have a lot of questions, then please contact us (/contact.html). WordPress is a free, open-source, content management system. Sounds great, sign me up, right? There are some things you should k ..

A Beginners Guide to eCommerce

by: Daniel Blaho

(/e-commerce-tulsa.html) E-commerce (/e-commerce-tulsa.html)is a tricky animal. To start, you must be original, fresh and forward-thinking. If you already have a retail space then it is almost necessary to have an online store as well. Shoppers are more apt to shopping online now ..

5 Quick SEO Tips When Redesigning a Website

by: Daniel Blaho

Tip of the day: 1.) When creating content, include your inbound search phrases. - key words should be included in your first and last paragraphs, but mainly in your titles. 2.) Redirect your old pages to your new ones. - No page left behind. 3.) Keep your robots.txt file i ..

J and J Powder Coating Goes Live!

by: Daniel Blaho

Press Release. On Friday, local powder coating shop, J & J Powder Coating (http://jandjpowdercoatings.com)'s website went live. This was our first industrial client. They came to us with the need to overhaul their existing site; we then, did our magic and whipped up a website for t ..

Titan Data Services Goes Live

by: Daniel Blaho

Press Release. Titan Data Services is a leader in the data security, recovery and business continuity fields. They focus on local businesses, and deliver services such as: data backup, data recovery, data archiving and colocation. Titan Data delivers fast backup and top-notch security ..

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