Digital Marketers: More than just Facebook nerds

by: Braidyn Browning

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve attempted to explain my profession to people with little to no success. The reaction is generally the same “You’re so lucky to get to piddle around on Facebook all day”. And though it is much more than that, it is often easier to reply that I am lucky.  ..

3 Examples of how to make your brand sexy (even if its not)

by: Braidyn Browning

1. Make them laugh Remember that really funny guy/girl from high school who constantly made you laugh? They may have been a solid 5 on a scale of 10 but their sense of humor really won you over didn’t it? This principle easily applies to your brand. Customers really don’t care what ..

4 steps to using ethos in B2B Marketing

by: Braidyn Browning

The ultimate success in B2B Marketing is reaching your customer in a way that impacts them. If customers feel they are receiving something unique from their business with you, they will never leave you and will remain loyal to your brand. One of the most powerful methods of connecting with your ..

4 B2B Marketing Best Practices

by: Braidyn Browning

Marketing is everything in business to business (B2B) operations. Developing a proper marketing strategy which uniquely fits your business can be difficult but it is a must. With all of the information out there on the web today, it can be hard to whittle it down to the actions that will work b ..

5 simple steps to defining your target market

by: Braidyn Browning

Defining your target market is vital to the survival of your sales strategy and overall brand. Promoting a business or service to an undefined audience is comparable to swinging at a piñata while blindfolded. You may luck out once or twice and make contact here or there… but ultimat ..

Content Marketing: How to be Engaging

by: Daniel Blaho

What is content marketing? Content Marketing is a facet of marketing, in which a company or organization uses published content or media in an effort to gain leads and sales. Content marketing is normally used in Business to Business (B2B) situations as it is one of the b ..

The Time is Now; Get on Social Media

by: Daniel Blaho

Facebook, Twitter, Vine, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google + and more. Social media is a great way to push a lot of traffic to your site. The people you sell to are there, so why aren't you? It's a lot to take on, but it's a necessary monster to tackle in today's marketplace. So here  ..

J and J Powder Coating Goes Live!

by: Daniel Blaho

Press Release. On Friday, local powder coating shop, J & J Powder Coating ('s website went live. This was our first industrial client. They came to us with the need to overhaul their existing site; we then, did our magic and whipped up a website for t ..

How to Write Great Content for Your Website

by: Daniel Blaho

Planning a website is a long and tedious process. Your content should be the centerpiece in the idealization of your site. So how do you come up with content? Having solid content projects a positive image to your potential clients and current customers. Writing content for a web ..

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