Leveraging Pop Culture in Marketing

by: Braidyn Browning

why so sirius


Some would argue that business to business marketing has become too serious is the recent years. Spicing up your marketing and branding with a little pop culture is an effective (and fun) way to set your business apart. Customers may not remember the entirety of your brand message but they’ll remember the meme you sent them and you can bet they’ll also be passing it around to their colleagues.


If you’re having trouble sorting out how to incorporate pop culture and mainstream media into your marketing efforts, take a look at the ideas listed below.

  1. 1. Trial by social media:

If anyone can appreciate a little pop culture, it is the people who spend their daylight hours wasting away on social media. Posting a clever meme or a buzzfeed video which still communicates the brand or message your business wants to promote is a great way to test the waters. Social media provides instant feedback and is a powerful gauge of whether clients like what you’re putting out there.


2. Reuse, Repurpose, Recycle:


If you think of an article idea or a blog post, chances are… someone else thought of it first. Go find their article/blog post and reuse it. Now, we don’t mean claim their words as your own. Repost the piece, give credit where credit is due then sit back and see what kind of engagement you get from clients. If people seem to enjoy this kind of content, then you’re clear to repeat this process on a regular basis!


3. Stay in the loop:


Your job is to stay up to date with the hot topic items. What song is number one right now? Is there something funny or unique about the music video (remember hotline bling)? What shows are people excited? Is there a new season of Game of Thrones coming up? Everyone loves a good GOT meme.


trending, game of thrones



If a meme that pertains to your business or brand doesn’t yet exist, find the original photo for the meme online, put some simple text on top of the photo and done! You’ve got an original and hilarious piece of content to share.



The goal here is to just try something different that breaks up the monotony of B2B Marketing. We want to catch the eye of the customer and keep their attention for as long as possible. There is a chance they may forget what our message was really about but if we can get their attention and get them to share the content that caught their eye, we have succeeded. Whether it is a funny photo, a great caption, a one liner, a meme or a video… incorporating mainstream media and pop culture into marketing efforts has proven to create success and interest from clients.



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