You Need to Get Customer Reviews and Here's Why

by: Braidyn Browning

In the digital age, it can feel like the human touch in any purchasing decision is no longer relevant. However, the research shows that consumers often turn to the opinions of others when making any form of buying decision. Online reviews have become the new word of mouth marketing for bu ..

Steps to tackling a creative block

by: Braidyn Browning

We all experience bouts of creative blocks or the infamous “writer’s block” but rarely do we stop to think of logical steps we can take to overcome the issue. In our experience, people usually chalk it up to mental exhaustion or stress but the simple truth is that people just hit a wall from time to ..

5 Easy Ways to Find Marketing Inspiration

by: Braidyn Browning

As marketers, we are often expected to generate astounding and effective ideas that help a brand to grow. This isn’t always easy and often times ideas are used and reused time and time again. If you find yourself hunting for new marketing ideas and campaign ideas, we’ve compiled our top 5  ..

Our go to WorkFlow Tools

by: Braidyn Browning

Small to medium size businesses may use completely different workflow tools but in general, the most effective tools are going to be online project management tools. There are a few old school ways to keep on track such as physical lists, calendars, etc. but we often find you simply can’t beat  ..

Components of a successful email campaign

by: Braidyn Browning

With thousands of emails making their way to inboxes everyday, it can be difficult to determine what will help YOUR campaign to be more successful than the rest. In any form of email marketing, there are a few key factors which we will share with you here. Whether you’re new to marketing  ..

Rebranding: Delving into the unknown

by: Braidyn Browning

Are you considering rebranding your company? You may feel that your logo, website and or common messaging no longer properly communicate what your brand is. If this is the case, your company may need to strategically think through a partial or complete rebranding strategy. Here, we’ll walk you  ..

Pinterest Business Personas and why use it?

by: Braidyn Browning

Pinterest Marketing may be an underdog social media marketing arena but it definitely still holds merit. For highly visual or product focused brands, Pinterest still remains a decently effective tool for promoting brand awareness and driving sales. Here, we’ll learn about Pinterest, how to use  ..

Tips to Creating an Engaging Instagram Stories

by: Braidyn Browning

Instagram stories is still in its infancy with only two years of life under its belt. Since the original release in 2016, Insta stories have taken off and arguably offer a more diverse range of features than its predecessor, snapchat stories. Digital Marketers quickly adapted to the new softwar ..

DSB moves to Webflow

by: Braidyn Browning

Earlier this year, Business Catalyst released an “End of life” statement to all of it’s users. This caused a little panic for some as the software has been a long time staple for small businesses, marketers and entrepreneurs alike. Users worried about finding a new Content Management Syst ..

Small Business Marketing Foundations

by: Braidyn Browning

Marketing Strategies will vary greatly from company to company. There are a million factors to consider when formulating a plan such as audience, business size, budget availability, location, etc. As a relatively small local marketing firm, we have in depth insight into what works for smal ..

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